Our programs

Designed to help children realize their potential



Welcome to our Infant Program, where we prioritize the rapid development of your child during this crucial stage of growth. Our center offers a stimulating environment that nurtures sensory learning, enhances muscle control, and fosters effective communication. We understand that your primary concern is the safety and well-being of your little one. Rest assured, our dedicated teachers create a secure space where your family’s routine is honored, and your child receives the individualized care they deserve. At our center, we acknowledge that we are not just caring for any child, but for the most important child of all – yours.



Welcome to our Toddler Program, where we embrace the natural curiosity and sensory exploration of your growing child. Toddlers are incredible learners who thrive through hands-on experiences and experimentation. In our classrooms, we provide a stimulating environment that encourages individual and cooperative play, fostering both independence and social skills. Recognizing the importance of brain development and socialization at this stage, our dedicated team at Little Village Learning Center is committed to nurturing both the physical and mental growth of your toddler.



Welcome to our Preschool Program, where we are dedicated to fostering all aspects of your child’s development. In our program, we offer a wide range of activities and experiences that encourage children to explore their interests and develop a love for learning. Our curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded experience that nurtures independence, self-help skills, confidence, and individuality. Through engaging and age-appropriate lessons, we promote kindergarten readiness by introducing various learning concepts, all while respecting and nurturing the children’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm.